Complete & Balanced

An affordable, complete and balanced raw frozen range that contains either 80% or 60% meat, with added vitamins and minerals, it’s perfect for fulfilling the nutritional needs of all dogs, no matter their size.

 Have a puppy? We offer complete & balanced specifically for puppies too, with grain and no grain options to suit your growing pup.


Ready to Mix

Take control of your dog’s diet with our raw free flow and block portions.  Mess-free natural raw ingredients, perfect for putting your own spin on dinnertime.

 A complementary food range made with 100% meat and offal for those who prefer to home prepare meals for their dogs by adding their own choice of vegetables and other supporting ingredients. 


Country Hunter

We know that raw feeding isn’t for everyone, or every dog. That’s why we’ve put our natural, real meals into cans and pouches too. 

Cooked through minimal processing techniques to preserve all the natural goodness, every single recipe is packed with delicious natural ingredients. Our Country Hunter range is made up of single protein recipes containing 80% meat, 20% veg and superfoods, and always no grain.


Natures Menu Original

We’ve taken our fresh, natural ingredients and put them in handy cans and pouches, with a lighter option for those watching their weight, and a senior option for those less active dogs. 

If your dog prefers a mix of proteins, with a generous portion of wholesome vegetables and brown rice, our Original range is the perfect choice. A natural, complete and balanced meal for adult dogs and puppies over 20 weeks of age.

Over 2 million meals served to happy dogs every month! 


of customers would never go back to their old food.


of customers found it easy to switch their dog to raw


saw an improvement in their dog’s appearance when they switched to raw

*1241 customers surveyed

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